WriterZen Review: The Best SEO Content Writing Tool Around

If you’re looking for an excellent SEO content writing tool, WriterZen is the answer. WriterZen makes it easy to write high-quality content that will help improve your website’s SEO ranking. With the help of WriterZen review, you can easily create well-written and keyword-rich articles that will help you fascinate more visitors to your website by making it easy to find the right keywords and optimize your content for maximum impact.

What WriterZen is and what it does

WriterZen is a robust market research and analysis tool that content creators can use to reach new audiences and grow their revenue stream. By analyzing competitor articles and related content, it provides users with vital information about trending topics and high SEO-performing keywords.

This helps content creators understand what topic resonates with readers, what keyword-driven traffic is, and what type of content is performing well. With this information, content creators can produce more targeted and compelling content to reach new readers and generate more revenue.

WriterZen Review

WriterZen Review is a comprehensive guide to writing, providing resources and tips to help anybody become a better writer. It covers topics such as Topic Discovery, Keyword Explorer, Keyword Data, All In Title and more in order to help aspiring writers hone their craft. In this WriterZen Review, we are also going to discuss the Pros and Cons Of WriterZen and the different pricing plans of this keyword research tool.

How WriterZen can help you write better content

WriterZen is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to write SEO-friendly content. With features like keyword research, this tool guides you to write content that will rank higher in the search engine. 

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With WriterZen, you can easily create unique and original content, research topics based on specific keywords, and check for plagiarism. It also offers keyword explorer, topic discovery, and keyword data to help you with your content writing. 

In addition, WriterZen provides a complete list of SEO best practices to ensure your content meets all the standards. With this tool, there’s no need to hire an expensive SEO consultant – you can do it all yourself.

The features of WriterZen

Here in this section, we will explain all the features of WriterZen in detail.

Topic Discovery

Topic Discovery
Topic Discovery

It is the best tool for discovering new writing topics. WriterZen is super simple to use – enter a few keywords, and it will generate a list of related content. You can also specify the type of content you’re looking for, such as articles, blog posts, or even ebooks. 

Instead of staring at a blank screen, WriterZen shows you clusters of relevant headlines to consider. You can choose any cluster based on relevancy, and it provides users with suggested insights for questions, prepositions, and comparisons right within the Google Docs interface. 

Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer
Keyword Explorer

With its unique keyword explorer feature, you can quickly generate a list of relevant keywords for your topic. The keyword explorer also provides valuable insights into how popular each keyword is and how difficult it would be to rank for it. 

This information can fine-tune your content strategy and ensure that your writing targets the right audience. In addition to helping you with keyword research, WriterZen offers various features that can streamline your writing process.

Keyword Data

Keyword Data
Keyword Data

WriterZen provides detailed data on each keyword, including search volume, CPC, and competition. This information can be precious in planning your marketing strategy. With it, you can be confident that you are targeting the right keywords for your business.

All In Title

All In Title
All In Title

With WriterZen, you can see how many top-ranking websites use the exact keyword in their title. This is an excellent feature for writers who want to be sure they are using the most popular keywords in their titles. 

All you need to do is enter a topic, and it will provide you with a list of relevant keywords. You can then sort the keywords by their Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR). The KGR is the ratio between the number of websites that use the exact keyword and the search volume for that keyword. 

It has a very low KGR ratio, which means that it is more likely to rank higher than most other websites for the keywords “writing” and “writer.” 

Keyword Insights

Keyword Insights
Keyword Insights

The WriterZen app provides users with various features to help them improve their writing. One of these features is the Keyword Insights feature, which allows users to see how often certain words are used in their writing. 

This can be helpful in some ways. First, it can help users to identify overused words and phrases. Second, it can help users to see which keywords are most important to their audience. Finally, it can help users to ensure that their writing is focused and on-topic. 

Keyword Cluster

WriterZen is a unique tool that can help you improve your writing. It scans multiple google pages to check how the pages rank that use the keyword and different other keywords that help the pages rank higher. Based on this data, it provides you with other keyword suggestions that you can use in your article to improve your ranking. 

In addition, WriterZen also highlights overused words and phrases so that you can avoid them in your writing. As a result, WriterZen is an indispensable tool for any writer who wants to improve their ranking on search engines.

Content Creator

Content Creator
Content Creator

Even though there are many content creation tools similar to WriterZen available in the market, This tool promise to make high-quality content easy and fast. And for the most part, it delivers. The interface is straightforward, and the built-in content library provides a great starting point for any project. 

The Cost of WriterZen and how to buy it

WriterZen offers three pricing plans to fit your needs. The Basic Plan is excellent for solo users handling single projects. The standard Plan is an offer for small teams working on multiple projects. In Addition, The advanced Plan is perfect for agencies or small digital companies with complex project structures. The Cost of these 3 plans are given below:

Basic Plan: $27.00 per Month

Standard Plan: $41.00 per Month

Advanced Plan: $69.00 per Month

You can also purchase a subscription through the Appsumo deal for $69. 

The Appsumo deal gives you access to all of the features of WriterZen. It is an excellent opportunity for writers to get their hands on a quality writing tool at an affordable price.

If you’ve become a more efficient writer, don’t miss this chance to get WriterZen at a discounted price. You can purchase WriterZen here.

Pros and Cons of WriterZen

Pros and cons are listed below:


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  • Reliable Topic Research Tool
  • Massive and detailed data with the Keyword Explorer tool
  • Keyword Explorer tool data is primarily accurate
  • The Keyword Cluster feature is convenient
  • The plagiarism checker is reliable
  • A.I. writing assistant
  • Built-in plagiarism checker


  • Allintitle and hence the golden ratio values can be unreliable.
  • Average Content Creator
  • No Backlinks information
  • A.I. writing assistant supports only the English language
  • Content Creator Not Good
  • Test keywords only at the country level

Final thoughts on WriterZen

WriterZen Review is a great way to get started with keyword research. It is affordable and provides features such as Allintitle, KGR ratio, and Keyword Clusters. This makes a great choice for those new to content creation. 

Additionally, WriterZen has a plagiarism checker integrated into the platform, making it an excellent choice for those who want to ensure their content is original. Overall, WriterZen is a great choice for anyone needing a reliable keyword research tool.