An online secure digital notary solution that provides its users with end-to-end protection of their private documents.


Certyfile is revolutionizing the way individuals protect and certify their essential documents. With this tool, individuals can trust that their documents are certified using the most advanced blockchain technology. In addition, it’s blockchain certification system secures users’ documents in a much more secure way than traditional data protection methods.

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It provides secure, global storage and immutable records that guarantee data authenticity and integrity, ensuring that no one can tamper or alter your documents in any way. In addition, certyfile notaries preserve the authenticity of your documents by digitally signing them and creating an electronically recognized record to confirm their legal validity.

With Certyfile, users can encrypt sensitive information and store it in a secure digital certificate, ensuring that only they have access to the data. This cutting-edge technology provides an extra layer of control as it’s blockchain network is continuously monitored to prevent unauthorized access. 

This tool makes it easy and affordable to register all your essential documents or trade secrets quickly. It ensures secure documentation of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), collaboration contracts, patent applications, manufacturing procedures, algorithms, and so much more! 

From eCommerce and Legaltech to insurtech, SaaS companies, startups, digital training programs, and consultancies, this tool provides an efficient solution to store data securely. 

Through Certyfile’s cloud-based platform, businesses have access to unprecedented data transparency. As a result, they speed up digital processes such as validating customer documents or sharing information with customers and partners.

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Meet Certyfile


  • It offers end-to-end validity from beginning to end using a single source of the blockchain certificate authority.
  • It decreases extra costs and increases revenue.
  • It provides secure verification since the data is stored as super qubits on a blockchain.
  • Best for: Consultants, IT/security agencies, SaaS.

Key Features of Certyfile

  • Ultimate security
  • Total responsibility
  • Digital evidence
  • Full legal compliance
  • Low cost

Features included in All Plans

  • Private and immutable data
  • Saved under a unique digital trace
  • Verification process detects
  • Guaranteed by cryptography

Starting at $59.00



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