Mortar AI

Use our CDP to collect, analyze, and organize your scattered data so that you may create individualized digital marketing activities.

Mortar AI
Mortar AI

Mortar AI is a next-generation customer data platform (CDP) that offers businesses a comprehensive solution to their data management needs. It is designed to consolidate, analyze, and standardize all forms of customer data, ranging from financial, social, CRM, web, and eCommerce data.

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Using Mortar AI you can gain access to powerful customer segmentation. For the purpose of offering insightful analyses, it combines all available data sources with your sales information. With this valuable information, you can send the message to the right person in time.

In addition, Mortar AI provides a single view of all customer data that helps businesses zoom in on specific customers for more in-depth analysis. This provides valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing habits, which can be used to improve the customer experience and increase customer lifetime value.

It also offers extensive integrations with popular tools and apps, making it easy to connect data from multiple sources. This allows businesses to get a complete picture of their customers and their operations and make data-driven decisions.

Plus, this platform gives you the ability to create customized programmatic digital marketing campaigns even in scenarios without third-party cookies. There are no agencies to deal with, and no setup costs to be concerned about, and no issues to resolve.

This Ai tool is now available on Appsumo Lifetime Deals. Purchase the Mortar AI for just $49 on the Appsumo platform to get access to this advanced and comprehensive customer data platform instantly.

Meet Mortar AI


  • Consolidate, analyze, and standardize your dispersed data with our CDP.
  • Alternatives to: Twilio.
  • Develop your personalized digital media campaigns.
  • Best for: eCommerce, Marketers, Small businesses.

Key Features of Mortar AI

  • Easily create new digital media campaigns
  • See your business overview at a glance
  • Powerful customer segmentation
  • Check the single view of the customer for more focused analysis
  • Extensive integrations list 

Features included in All Plans

  • Create your own digital media programmatic campaign.
  • To make your data marketing-ready, clean, and reformat it.
  • Improve your data to offer value.
  • Find relationships in your data and remove duplicates.
  • Visualize your data in a single dashboard
  • Visualize the AI insights generated by our analytics engine for you.
  • Using a powerful query engine, you can slice and dice your client data.
  • Based on your industry data, identify your best target market.
  • Find your churning consumers and reclaim them.

Starting at $49.00



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