Using Vumu to record, edit, and distribute customized video messages to expand your outreach and increase lead conversion


Although personalizing your outreach using video is more likely to increase responses, the time required for recording, editing, and publishing is considerable. Every lead in your pipeline needs a tailored taped outreach, and you need a quicker way to create such videos.

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Vumu is the best way to create personalized video messages for your outreach campaigns. Simply share your screen, attach your webcam, and press record. Even pre-recorded films can be used in any project.

With Vumu, you can simply edit, customize, and send video messages whenever possible since all your video material is accessible in one location. Our Reply Rate Booster feature will help you close more deals by making it easy to follow up with prospects who haven’t replied to your emails.

Additionaly, you can take your recorded content to the next level with our powerful editing features. Whether a video editing newbie or a total pro, our built-in editor makes it easy to customize your videos and make them stand out in any inbox. Create captivating material capturing your visitors in seconds by adding captions, text, animations, backdrops, and music.

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Meet Vumu


  • Videos will stand out in any email and immediately grab viewers’ attention.
  • Alternative: Loom and Vidyard
  • Best for: Marketers, sales teams, and agencies that want to increase the open and reply rates for cold outreach messages.
  • With Vumu, you can send tailored video content and landing pages for each lead in your outreach effort more quickly than ever.

Key Features of Vumu

  • More than 150 templates
  • The robust built-in editor lets you alter videos to your liking.
  • Easy landing pages.
  • Email marketing applications.
  • Online video messages.

Features included in All Plans

  • Recording
  • Video editor
  • Sharing
  • Landing pages
  • Text editor
  • Proposals and e-signature
  • Templates
  • Company branding
  • CRM
  • Lead generation

Starting at $69.00



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