A Conversational AI platform that enables anyone to create a chatbot or voice bot in minutes without any programming experience. is a chatbot management platform that offers a managed chatbot infrastructure and hosting solution. This makes it an excellent choice for firms without the resources or knowledge to design and manage their chatbot infrastructure who want to use AI-powered customer service.

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With, you can able to create chatbots and voicebots without needing to code for multiple use cases. also offers pre-trained models that you can use to create your chatbot or voicebot.

It has pre-built templates and connectors with popular third-party apps, which make it easy to get started. This AI tool also has natural language processing (NLP) bots that can understand what customers say and improve their conversational skills with each interaction.

It’s managed solution handles all infrastructure, making it an excellent choice for firms that want to use AI-powered customer service. In addition, it has a team of customer service experts who can help you create a chatbot that meets your customer’s needs and provides excellent customer service.

This AI tool uses a unique algorithm that processes user queries and learns from them. This means that this Ai tool understands what users are looking for and gets better at providing relevant results over time.

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Overview of


  • This learns from your data to provide you with relevant information in real-time.
  • Alternatives to: Google DialogFlow, Nuance, Rasa.
  • It is secure, scalable, and simple to use, making it the perfect choice for your artificial intelligence needs.
  • Best for: Customer support, Marketers, and Marketing agencies.

Key Features of

  • Multi-Language
  • Pre-Configured Bot
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Speech Recognition
  • Speech Synthesis
  • Code-free Development
  • Contextual Guidance
  • For Developers
  • Intent Recognition
  • Templates & Package

Features included in All Plans

  • Self-guided onboarding
  • AI engine costs included
  • Bot hosting costs included
  • Import and export templates
  • Built-in firewall protection and anti-virus software.
  • Maintain GDPR compliance
  • Create, train, and implement chat Chatbot
  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • Mix and Match AI Technologies

Starting at $79.00



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