Cyberangels ONE

Utilize comprehensive cybersecurity and safety solutions to defend your company against any potential threat.

Cyberangels ONE

CyberAngels ONE is an all-in-one cybersecurity and compliance solution offering a diverse range of tools to safeguard digital assets. From malware detection and removal to robust firewall protection, it encompasses a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity measures.

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Its unified platform, which eliminates the need for businesses to juggle multiple tools and tabs. Also, its unique insurance coverage protects businesses against any economic impact resulting from a cyber attack on their systems. This reassurance allows businesses to focus on their operations without the constant fear of financial repercussions following a security breach.

In addition, businesses can easily streamline the compliance process using the platform’s corporate compliance dashboard and IT security questionnaires. By taking a proactive approach to compliance, businesses can avoid exorbitant fines and damage to their brand.

Moreover, through Cyberangels One’s vulnerability assessment capabilities, businesses can identify and prioritize major cybersecurity issues that pose a risk to their operations. Also, it offers expertly crafted risk-reducing actions and remediation plans. These plans empower businesses to mitigate potential security threats promptly and efficiently.

Furthermore, the innovative aspect of Cyberangels One is its enhanced approach to cybersecurity training and engagement. Businesses can motivate their teams to be proactive in staying vigilant against potential security breaches by earning badges for completing tasks at different levels.

Cyberangels One is a useful tool for managing the security and compliance of your company that is available at $39 on Appsumo. With lifetime access to this powerful solution, equip yourself to combat cyber threats effectively.


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  • Cyber Risk Insurence
  • Safety Training

Meet Cyberangels ONE


  • Enhance security and compliance effortlessly through expert recommendations, NIST-based remediation plans, and industry best practices.
  • Alternatives to: Cloudflare.
  • Uncover potential risks and vulnerabilities that could jeopardize your business with a comprehensive vulnerability assessment.
  • Best for: IT/security agencies, SaaS, Small businesses.

Key Features of Cyberangels ONE

  • All-in-One Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions
  • Unified Dashboard
  • IT Security Questionnaires
  • Cyber Insurance Coverage
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Risk-Reducing Actions

Features included in All Plans

  • Monitored update frequency
  • External vulnerability assessment
  • Cyber risk index
  • Automated remediation tasks list
  • Cyber risk report download (PDF)
  • AI-based security strategy plan creation
  • Best practice activities
  • NIST plan
  • GDPR Plan
  • Dashboard and insights
  • Scan History
  • Scan Scheduling

Starting at $39.00



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