WP Force SSL

Fix SSL issues and keep track of the website in real-time to enhance SEO and user experience.

WP Force SSL offers the perfect all-in-one solution for website owners, providing instant resolution for all SSL issues and protecting their websites from future risks. It instantly solves numerous security problems that can limit your website’s impact on search engine rankings and user satisfaction, ensuring content is securely communicated via HTTPS.

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This plugin also provides real-time monitoring of both the website and certificate to detect any discrepancies. From redirecting HTTP content to HTTPS and checking the certificate to ensuring all security headers are in proper working order – every resource on each page of your website is examined and resolves any mixed content errors which can hurt SEO rankings.

WP Force SSL gives you all the tools you need to safeguard, manage and maximize your site’s performance. It also provides control over all sites and licenses, with the option to fully rebrand without editing code from a centralized Dashboard. In addition, it helps you impress your clients by having a custom plugin featuring your company name and logo. 

Not only is it easy to use, but also WP Force SSL works with all plugins, themes, and hosting providers. Now is your chance to get lifetime deals on Appsumo for only $49! An essential plugin for securing websites, WP Force SSL makes setting up HTTPS and enforcing secure pages easy. So don’t wait -grab this great opportunity today.

Meet WP Force SSL


  • Provides site and SSL certificate monitoring in real time.
  • Alternatives to: 15Five.
  • Fix SSL issues and keep track of the website in real-time to enhance SEO and user experience.
  • Best for: Developers, Small businesses, Web design agencies.

Key Features of WP Force SSL

  • Everything for SSL
  • Content Scanner
  • SSL Monitoring
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Premium Support

Features included in All Plans

  • 10 sites license
  • All current & future plugin features + support
  • Real-time SSL certificate & site monitoring
  • Content Scanner
  • Centralized Dashboard for controlling sites, licenses, brands & SSL monitors
  • Everything above + unlimited sites license
  • Complete plugin rebranding to impress your clients (no code editing needed)

Starting at $49.00



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