A platform that provides you with everything you need to get started on your next React project, including a landing page, authentication, database, payments, and more.


Divjoy is a React codebase & UI generator tool that gives you everything you need for your next project. Divjoy offers many features, including authentication, data fetching, payments, billing management, marketing pages, and forms.

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This tool helps you save time by providing a pre-built front that you can use as the foundation for your next app. Divjoy also includes an extensive library of UI components that make creating beautiful and user-friendly interfaces easy.

With this tool, you can create new pages, tweak styles, and add new features without writing a single line of code. The Divjoy platform provides everything you need to start, including a no-code editor that makes it easy to customize your app.

It’s simple to use and understand. And it exports a clean codebase that you can continue to build on. Divjoy is also great for creating UI. You can select everything you need in your project, then customize it in a drag-and-drop editor.

In addition, it offers support for both standard and custom React components, making it easy to create a unique experience for your users. So whether you’re looking for a simple way to get started with React or an all-in-one solution for your next big project, Divjoy has everything you need.

Divjoy is currently offering a lifetime deal through Appsumo. For a one-time purchase of just $129, you can get all its features for a limited time. It is the best way to create beautifully, responsive React code faster than ever. So don’t wait. Take advantage of this incredible offer now!

Meet Divjoy


  • You can quickly create fully functioning React apps without necessary build configuration or tooling.
  • Alternatives to: Gatsby, WeWeb.io, and MD Bootstrap.
  • It provides a great set of UI components perfect for your next project.
  • Best for: Developers, Solopreneurs, Web design agencies.

Key Features of Divjoy

  • Pre-built SaaS templates
  • Unlimited projects
  • Built-in no-code editor
  • SaaS platform
  • High-quality react code
  • High Compatibility

Features included in All Plans

  • Generates a functioning SaaS app
  • Saving a month of development time
  • A supportive community of builders
  • Scalability and integration
  • Frequent releases/updates
  • React codebase & UI generator

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