Create stunning PDF flipbooks in seconds by uploading and publishing PDFs.


FlipBooklets is a tool that can quickly convert your PDFs into interactive PDF Flip Books with advanced features such as spam filter avoidance and analytics. This tool also allows you to store all your PDFs in one convenient location with an intuitive interface.

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In addition, you can easily edit and update your Flip Book as needed or create a new one without any hassle. By filling out a simple form and uploading your PDF, you can create your wonderful PDF Flip Book in seconds.

Regarding keeping the confidentiality of sensitive information, you can mark your PDF Flip Books as “private” and password protect them. You can also copy the URL and share it with clients without worrying about spam filters blocking attached PDFs.

By utilizing it, you can gain valuable insights from analytics, such as the number of views, devices used, and viewing times. From these insights, you can measure the effectiveness of your PDF Flip Books and make informed decisions accordingly.

Furthermore, FlipBooklets is suitable for any industry or business type, offering a range of features such as autoplay, zoom, page list view, and live text search. These features enhance the user’s viewing experience and enable them to download and bookmark the PDF as well.

Appsumo is currently offering an excellent deal on FlipBooklets and offering a lifetime subscription for just $49. By registering for lifetime access to FlipBooklets, you can start quickly and beautifully generating PDF Flip Books. Don’t waste your time, and just grab the incredible opportunity for a lifetime subscription via Appsumo.

Meet FlipBooklets


  • Convert your PDFs into interactive PDF Flip Books in seconds.
  • Alternatives to: FlippingBook, RELAYTO, Marq, Flipsnack.
  • Beat spam filters and access comprehensive analytics on your messages.
  • Best for: Marketers, Small businesses, Solopreneurs.

Key Features of FlipBooklets

  • Responsive
  • Quick to create
  • Hyperlink friendly
  • Fast
  • Zoom
  • Download PDF
  • Search
  • Analytics
  • Multi-language
  • Single or spread view
  • Custom background
  • Custom colors

Features included in All Plans

  • Embed on your website
  • Full-screen embed on your website
  • Single or spread view
  • Private books
  • Disable PDF Download
  • Autoplay books
  • Search book contents
  • Analytics
  • Disable Toolbar
  • Right to Left View
  • Disable Sound

Starting at $49.00



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