Foxly – URLShortener

Short links for your brand (Custom Domain + SSL) can help you expand your audience, encourage interaction, and boost sales.

Foxly - URLShortener

Foxly is designed to be simple and efficient, with a minimalistic interface that makes it easy to get started. In addition, it offers an Advanced Mode for more experienced users, with additional features such as link customization and redirection

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Its unique selling proposition is the ability to create and manage protected short links. Foxly provides enterprise-grade security with features like single sign-on and two-factor authentication.

Many satisfied customers have used the service to improve their web branding and marketing efforts. In addition, its users consistently receive positive reviews, who appreciate the service’s convenience and flexibility.

This helps to increase engagement by providing an easy way to share content on social media or through email. Additionally, Foxly’s URLShortener can be used to track click-through rates and conversions. 

This data can be used to improve campaigns and better understand customer behavior. Ultimately, Foxly’s URLShortener provides a simple and effective way to engage with customers and track the success of marketing initiatives.

Meet Foxly – URLShortener


  • Effective tool for increasing brand reach, engagement, and conversion.
  • Alternatives to: Bitly, Sniply,
  • Provides a short, branded link that you can use across all your marketing channels.
  • Best for: Marketers, Marketing agencies, and Social media managers.

Key Features of Foxly

  • White label
  • Link Analytics
  • Link Shortening
  • UTM Builder
  • URL Shortening
  • Link Branding
  • Data export

Features included in All Plans

  • Unlimited Spaces
  • Advanced stats
  • Custom Links
  • Links with Password access
  • Links with Expiration
  • Unlimited Additional domains

Starting at $24.99



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