Outscraper Google Maps Scraper

Google Maps Places Scraper allows exporting local business contacts from Google Maps into a CSV, XLSX, Parquet, and JSON file via the Outscraper platform.


Google Maps Scraper is an innovative web scraping tool designed to extract data from Google Maps quickly and easily. It fetches business listings from Google Maps, allowing users to gain insights into their competitors or target market.

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What sets Google Maps Scraper apart from other web scrapers is its ability to recursively crawl Google Maps listings and collect details from maps with emails, social links, and even more phones, such as the contact information for each listing, including name, address, website, phone number, and even ratings. 

It simplifies the process of extracting data by using a smart algorithm that automatically pauses when it meets Google’s anti-scraping rules and resumes without problems after a rest period. 

With Outscraper’s of this tool, you can have all the information necessary for marketing and outreach purposes with minimal effort – all exported straight into CSV, XLSX, Parquet, or JSON files in an instant. This tool makes it easy for businesses to access and utilize Google’s powerful directory to focus on what matters most: growing their client base.

Whether you’re trying to take your business to the next level or just looking for data on specific businesses in Google Maps, Google Maps Scraper is an effective tool that will streamline the process and give you the desired results.

Meet OutScraper


  • There is no need for installation, and everything is done in the cloud, protecting your IP.
  • To scrape businesses based on their ratings, statuses, and postal codes, use sophisticated filters.
  • Works in every country where Google Maps is available.
  • Best for: Marketers, Marketing agencies, and Sales managers

Key Features of OutScraper Google Maps Scraper

  • 5000 businesses (places) from Google Maps/month
  • 5000 emails and social profiles/month
  • Filters: rating, status, phones, emails, websites, and others
  • Ability to remove duplicates from the same task
  • Ability to verify phones and get their type (fixed line/mobile)

Features included in All Plans

  • Easy select categories and locations (no need to make search queries by yourself)
  • CSV/XLSX/Parquet/JSON results format
  • Ability to schedule tasks
  • Cloud execution (keeps your IP safe)
  • API access for developers

Starting at $99.00



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