Based on visitor traits and interactions, deliver dynamic content.


If-so is a powerful WordPress plugin that can help you display dynamic content on your website. It can pull information from various sources, including Google Ads search terms, site clicks, and location. 

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This information can be used to make customized content for your users. If-so is an easy way to add dynamic range to your website, and it can help you attract and retain more visitors. 

It inserts a conditional statement in the web page’s code, which triggers different pieces of content to be served to the user based on the conditions set. For example, the If-So plugin can show targeted ads, recommend products, or provide customized content for each user.

It’s designed to work with any caching solution, so you can get the benefits of dynamic content while still enjoying the advantages of page caching. And because it’s fully compatible with any existing CMS, you can easily use this to create custom content for your website.

It allows you to serve content relevant to each visitor based on the pages they have already viewed. It can help speed up the buyer’s journey by showing visitors content pertinent to their stage.

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Meet If-So

Overview of If-So


  • It boosts your conversion rates with hyper-relevant content
  • Alternatives to: Google Optimize, LogicHop, Pardot.
  • It is suitable for bloggers who want to improve their audience engagement by displaying different content to different readers.
  • Best for: Content creators, Marketing agencies.

Key Features of If-So

  • Time Tracking
  • Task Tracking
  • Task Scheduling
  • Task Assigning
  • Reporting (Analytics)
  • Recurring Task Management
  • Progress Tracking
  • Gantt Charts
  • Alerts
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Percent-Complete Tracking
  • Track Habits and Goals
  • Create Notes & Outlines
  • To-Do List Manager
  • Task Reminders
  • Mind Maps to plan better

Features included in All Plans

  • Create beautiful task lists, notes, and outlines
  • Share and collaborate with others instantly
  • Invite team members to workspaces
  • Chat and work together in real-time
  • Create unlimited nested outlines with an infinite hierarchy
  • Tag and filter tasks using #hashtags and @mentions
  • Real-time syncing across all your devices
  • Simple, fast, and easy to use
  • Calendar for your tasks and projects
  • Search across all folders and workspaces
  • Beautiful and minimal interface
  • Elegantly simple, free to use

Starting at $69.00



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