Present anything with a teleprompter that scrolls when you speak.


PromptSmart is a speech-recognition technology app designed to help users scroll through their notes while giving a presentation. This app uses the built-in microphone on the user’s device to listen to the user’s speech and automatically scrolls through the messages as the user speaks.

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This helps the user to stay on track and eliminates the need for multiple takes. PromptSmart also offers a variety of other features, such as the ability to highlight key points and add timestamps, that can help users create more professional-looking presentations. 

It is a versatile tool that lets you combine voice-controlled scrolling with a digital remote control. With this tool, you can record in up to 4K resolution, automatically stop scrolling when you pause, improvise, and even go off-script. 

You can also invert the text display for physical teleprompter rigs, position your script below a webcam using a semi-transparent window, and record multiple video clips back-to-back in one recording session. It also has a website where you can write up your scripts. 

So, PromptSmart is an essential tool for anyone who wants to create high-quality video content.

Meet PromptSmart


  • A multiplatform prompter app that follows you as you speak using patented VoiceTrack technology.
  • Alternative to:  BigVu, Teleprompter Pro
  • Uses your device’s microphone to track your voice and automatically scrolls the text at a rate that matches your speaking pace.
  • Best for: Content creators, Influencers, YouTubers

Key Features of PromptSmart

  • Optimal import formats
  • Script integrations for iOS and Android 
  • Web, mobile, and PC access
  • Document sharing between multiple users
  • Customizable font and background color
  • VoiceTrack speech-recognition-based scrolling

Features included in All Plans

  • Text mirroring/inversion for use with physical prompter rigs
  • Guide bar showing user lines of the reading box
  • 10 adjustable font styles to choose from for ease of licensing and readability
  • Segment scripts into story blocks that automatically transition when the user finishes reading
  • Remote control room-view and reposition text on
  • Create unlimited duplicate displays of PromptSmart 
  • Edit scripts on for use in the app

Starting at $59.00



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