Enhance your YouTube viewing experience with KillerPlayer that offers an array of five visually stunning video player themes.


KillerPlayer is an innovative online platform that transforms your YouTube video viewing experience. It offers a customized YouTube Video Player designed to enhance the way you watch and embed videos on your website.

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This platform enables you to remove distracting elements such as the YouTube logo, titles, ads, and recommended videos. It allows you to create a clean and focused video-watching environment, ensuring that your viewers remain engaged and undistracted.

Additionally, KillerPlayer provides a selection of five stunning video player themes to choose from. These themes are not only visually appealing but also offer unlimited color options that match your brand perfectly. Using these captivating themes, you can create a unique and professional look that sets you apart from the crowd.

Moreover, it emphasizes user-friendliness and optimization for performance that provides a seamless experience for your audience. The video player is highly customizable and mobile-ready, ensuring seamless playback across various devices.

By utilizing KillerPlayer, you can elevate your online presence and create a memorable viewing experience for your visitors. By attracting more viewers and keeping them engaged, you have the potential to drive increased visitors to your website and ultimately boost your revenue.

Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunity to experience the power of KillerPlayer and elevate your video viewing to new heights! Appsumo is offering an unbeatable lifetime deal at just $99. So don’t wait a moment longer to improve your video viewing experience.

Meet KillerPlayer


  • is the ultimate custom YouTube Video Player that takes your viewing experience to a new level. 
  • Alternatives to: GoTo Webinar, StreamYard.
  • The video player is fully customizable, ensuring you have complete control over its appearance and features. 
  • Best for: Bloggers, Content creators, Course creators.

Key Features of KillerPlayer

  • Fully Customizable
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Ads Free
  • Unlimited Colour Options
  • No Scum Sucking Logo

Features included in All Plans

  • Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Use on Unlimited Websites
  • 5 Beautiful Themes
  • Remove YouTube Logo & Title Bar
  • Remove YouTube Recommended Videos
  • No Branding | We never put our brand on videos
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Blazingly Fast

Starting at $99.00



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