Create a news or magazine website effortlessly using this WordPress plugin based on Gutenberg.


PostX is a Gutenberg-based WordPress plugin designed to streamline the process of building stunning news, magazine, and blog websites with ease and efficiency. This plugin empowers website creators to craft captivating online platforms that leave a lasting impression on their audience.

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Its vast collection of over 250 professionally designed templates covers a wide range of styles and layouts. Each of these templates is fully customizable, enabling you to design to reflect your brand’s unique identity and aesthetics. From colors and typography to spacing and layout, you have complete control over how your website looks and feels.

PostX also provides users with a diverse selection of more than 40 customizable blocks. These blocks include grids, lists, slides, tickers, and more, allowing you to add dynamic and interactive elements to your web pages effortlessly. With the ability to customize these blocks, you can create a highly engaging and visually appealing user experience.

Moreover, the plugin’s flexibility extends to creating custom blocks and layouts, which can be easily reused across multiple pages. This feature streamlines the website-building process, ensuring consistency and coherence throughout your site.

Additionally, PostX’s grouping tools, which let you organize web pages into categories and tags, make content organization straightforward. Furthermore, this plugin gives you the ability to exclude specific posts from layouts.

The seamless integration of PostX with popular site builders like Elementor, Oxygen, and Divi through a simple add-on enhances its usability. You can effortlessly display PostX blocks within these site builders using shortcodes, expanding your design possibilities even further.

This plugin seamlessly integrates with widely-used SEO plugins like Yoast, All In One SEO, and Rank Math, ensuring your Google ranking remains unaffected and optimized.

If you’re ready to take your website-building experience to new heights, embrace the potential of PostX’s lifetime deal which is available on Appsumo. For just $49, you could unlock countless opportunities for your online platform. So, Don’t wait any longer to take the opportunity!

Meet PostX


  • Gain access to a robust query builder that effortlessly organizes hundreds of pages and posts, making the task a breeze for you.
  • Alternatives to: Metorik, Block Gallery.
  • Create or revamp your entire website within minutes with the aid of over 250 templates and a robust site builder.
  • Best for: Bloggers, Web design agencies, Web designers.

Key Features of PostX

  • Ready-made Design Blocks
  • Layout Offerings
  • Unlimited Customizations
  • Precise Content Filtering
  • Implement Easy Navigation
  • Advanced Editing
  • Table Styling
  • Category Styling and Positioning

Features included in All Plans

  • 250+ design patterns
  • 26+ starter packs
  • Unlimited domain licenses
  • Builder
  • Category style
  • Elementor
  • Table of contents
  • Yoast
  • Rankmath
  • Saved templates
  • SEOPress
  • Squirrly
  • All-in-one SEO
  • Progress bar

Starting at $49.00



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