With a universal canned response option, stop typing repetitively.


Typedesk provides customizable placeholders and variables to help you make unique canned responses for different leads and clients. It also offers template options for messages you send every day so that typing time is saved.

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Plus, with Typdesk, you can easily plug in dynamic content such as date and time and product or service specifics. This tool makes onboarding processes simpler than ever before, eliminating any complexities of keeping the tone consistent, no matter the writer. 

Typedesk even allows users to easily manage their canned responses over time and track changes with notifications and advanced sharing permissions. Furthermore, Typedesk provides access to your work on various platforms such as Gmail, Zendesk, and Slack – streamlining communications in team settings and beyond.

Meet Typedesk


  • It is the most affordable solution for businesses looking to protect their data.
  • Alternatives to: Dehashed.com, Idagent.com, Webz.io
  • It includes a dark web scan feature that gives customers a comprehensive view of their digital attack surface.
  • Best for: C-suite, Consultants, Small businesses.

Key Features of Typedesk

  • Higher accuracy
  • Stackable
  • GDPR-compliant
  • API Access
  • White label
  • Live chat support

Features included in All Plans

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Ethical Hacking & Pentesting
  • Commercial-grade monitoring plan
  • Ethical hacking & pen-testing
  • Dark web monitoring
  • All email addresses in 1 domain

Starting at $69.00



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